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Was Founded by an African immigrant Nurse and former MUA based in USA. Dede’Signature is a black Owned cosmetic brand that believes in the enhancement of beauty by what you wear especially on your face as makeup for all skin types especially darker skin. 

I originate from Cameroon (a country in central Africa) and I started as a self-taught freelance makeup artist in 2015 in a small town called Buea in the southwest region of cameroon. At this time, I struggled with people shaming me “as a nurse graduate turned a MUA”  at that time it was considered a path for ladies with no focus.

While doing makeup back home I found myself struggling to find quality eyeshadows that will show up on our skin tone. 

In 2016, I relocated to USA to join my other half (my husband). A year later,  I got licensed as a BSN, RN  and still continued to follow my passion as a MUA and of course I still struggled with the shaming and not being able to find those products I needed to create exceptional looks. 
In June 2018, I finally took that bold step to make a change in my community and not just do people’s makeup but launch my own products in the beauty space. 

Today we are here with several outstanding products.

As the beauty industry evolves and new technologies emerge, convenient access to breakthroughs in beauty enhancement is essential. It is in this spirit that we have remained focused in providing the most comprehensive line of products along with the absolute in excellence, technique and pricing.
Our comprehensive product range includes but is not limited to: EYESHADOW PALETTES, MATTE LIPSTICKS, LIP GLOSSES and MORE. With a strong professional focus, we are also committed to providing quality PRODUC.
With our experience, we continue to grow and deepen our knowledge while providing you with a standard of unparalleled expertise and quality.
OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU as lovers and enthusiasts of the beauty industry is to continue to conscientiously develop Dede’Signature products and services to better serve your needs. We are always conducting product testing to ensure the highest possible quality while continuing to expand our range. With these mindful efforts, we strive to provide you with an array of comprehensive products for our customers.

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